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Hi my name is Jess

A wife, a mum but above all else the owner of Gracie Bleu...

I have been at Gracie Bleu since 2012 and started during a placement from university, where i realised my love and passion for all things bridal.

I have also known from a very young age i LOVE people! I love a chat, a laugh and a whole lot of fun! And that is exactly what each appointment at Gracie Bleu is all about.

If you follow us on Instagram this is the best place to get to know me and more about Gracie Bleu on a daily basis.

I am the most un-girly girl and when i chose my wedding dress it was out of my comfort zone, so i thrive to make everyone feel comfortable in a very chilled enviroment.

Feel free to fill out our contact form for appointments to start or finish your wedding dress shopping journey.

Eeeekkk can't wait to see you soon. Love Jess xx

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